We will elevate your curb appeal,keep your fleets fresh and most of all , We get the stink out !
About us

Welcome to Ronnie can wash

Ronnie can wash was formed in 2021 , Ronnie was in the test neighbourhood for the Edmonton residential waste can program, It was during this time he seen that there would be a need for can washing services , and that’s when he decided to start Ronnie can wash ! During his first season he noticed a need for affordable house washing services and added it as a service , since then he has added commercial and industrial services as well .

Ronnie is committed to building a sustainable business that employs community members , and brings quality at a new level

Professional house / building washing

Experience top-quality service

Reveal true beauty of your home with our meticulous attention to detail. Enhance your curb appeal with our comprehensive house washing solutions. Our process is unmatched we have the best equipment and properly trained staff to make your number one investment our number one priority!

Expert Exterior Window Cleaning

Discover the sparkle

Capture pristine views and let natural sunlight flood your interior with our exceptional window cleaning services. Chemical free RO systems filter your water contaminant free and send it up the house to the scrub brush that allows us to clean most windows without a ladder reducing the risk of injury! Let that sunshine in see the world through perfectly clean windows.

Specialized Fleet Washing

Maintain your fleet’s lustre

Keep your vehicles looking sharp with our specialized fleet washing solutions, fully equipped and trained staff that provide weekly or by weekly regular washes that are sure to impress your customers on the road while showcasing your commitment to excellence !

Residential trash can rejuvenation

We get the stink out

We take pride in our can washing abilities , let’s face it we were born for this , that’s why it’s in our name , We use 190 degree hot water matched with our state of the art bolondi wash head , after a good hot water washing we treat it with a 100 % organic odour neutralizer getting rid of the nasty smells.

We recycle the water leaving only positive effects on the environment !

Left with no energy to clean?

Discover the excellence in exterior window cleaning and fleet washing, let us elevate your business or house washing experience and pamper your residential trash cans.

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